"What are you, Keane?" I whispered.

" A mage." He replied with a slight smile.

"I think there is more to you then that." I replied in teasing but serious manner," I'll keep on watch for a while you should get some sort of rest, and once Kiandra comes back with fire wood. I will find us something to eat." I said standing up. 

Derrick nodded in response. A lot had happened to me in the last 30 some hours, I had gone from one of the most respected warriors, to one of the most wanted men. Along finding out that I had older brother.  It was strange that one critical moment will change your life forever. Once a hunter now the hunted. The Nation was broken, the power hungry Nobles were running it, and I could already see they were gonna run it with fear.  I needed to find Jonathan , I needed to protect him, and help him regain control of this country before damage is done. Ten minutes went by before Kiandra returned with wood for a fire.

"Thanks." I said laying out properly to start it," dragons fang." I mumble as small explosion and burst of flames come up underneath the wood starting the fire. I stood up and began to walk into the woods.

"Where are you going?" Kiandra asked.

"Hunting, I should be back in a couple hours at the most. Keep an eye out any more mage thieves, and make sure Vands okay." I tell her before leaving into the darkening evening.

An hour passed before I came back with a meal Vand had waken up but he was not in condition and needed to recover his strength. Derrick had recovered his strength again and looked content that tonight we would feast on deer meet. The night carried one with a generally happy mood as we shared stories, and ate. Until we went to bed.  I awoke to a feeling of magic in the air, its potential was high, and did not match up to any of magics of the people I was travelling with.  Around me I could see Shadows moving, and above me the night sky's were getting swallowed by it.

"Everyone get up!" I shout as the shadows solidify and shoot out at me like a spear.  With my left hand the a shield formed blocking the spear immediately. 

"Good reflexes" The shadows say as they swirl around me.

"Show yourself!" I say as Derrick wakes from his slumber, Vand was already standing.

"Pathetic are you Scared Soren?" The Shadows replied," How I treat you to a little fight?" The shadows suggest. The shadows around our feet began to swirl forming dark images of ourselves.  The shadow image of me had its sword drawn already and was already making the first move.  I blocked using the shield spell.

"Shadow Bane.: I murmur as bright light forms in my hand. I pressed it up against the dark image. It shimmered but was not killed the spell was much more complicated then I had first thought.

The End

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