Adrian Vinvacio



Adrian walked into the house of Nobles soundlessly leaving a cool feeling of death. Adrian liked to think of himself as the Grim reaper, and the nobles who commanded him divine beings. And he was their very loyal and effective servant.  Adrian looked around many of the nobles seemed a little beaten up.

"What happen my lords?" He asked while he began to Kneel,"You all look unwell."

"Soren Falcain, my son." Zaleus said with little emotion.

"I shall tear him apart. He should pay for what he has done!" Adrian spat angrily.

"No if you find Soren you are to keep him alive!" Zaleus yelled," But he is not your only target, the is the Magistrates son, Derrick Keanes, along side your already appointed targets Kiandra Amyrae, and Gwendolyn Winterhaven."

"I'm sorry that I have not gotten those two already." Adrian lowered his head in shame.

"Yes your recent shortcomings may become an issue, especially now since my eldest son has met Soren." Zaleus said," We cannot allow these men to unite! Kill all of them except bring the prince, and Soren here alive! Be quick, unknown like a shadow. Do not let them know of you." Zaleus commanded. 

"Yes my lord! It shall be done." Adrian said standing up showing the kind of determination that would send a weaker man running into the abyss.

"Adrian also take this, the royal guardians will also be more than willing to help you now that they believe the beloved captain has betrayed them." Carson said handing him a bag of gold and royal guardian insignia.

"Thank you."With that Adrian left.


After Adrian had prepared himself he casted a locate spell. Anger swelled through Adrian. how dare Zaleus's son attack the Nobles, and why he was always treated so well by them?  With little regard to taking out his Initial targets he searched for Soren Falcain. The spell darkened the room as an orb formed in front of Adrians face showing him a forest near the City of Dragons, with a group of four sitting by a campfire. He recognized Soren Falcain Immediatly, and with pleasure saw that Kiandra Amyrae was also there.

"This is going to be easy." Adrian smiled," Shadow travel." He murmured as dissipated into the shadows.


The End

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