Gwendolyn: The Staff

Gwendolyn saw someone ahead of them, and motioned everyone to hide behind a tree. They did so, and they waited there for a few seconds before checking if the coast was clear.

Gwendolyn saw a man lying on the ground, looking in rough shape. She looked at the others and stated, clearly. "I'm going to help him."

Roland stared at her, shocked. "Gwen, seriously? That guy isn't some run of the mill mage hunter... that's the Magister Prince Jon Pelastor! Are you daft, woman? He's the best mage hunter there is... and he won't stop until he has you behind bars, waiting for the executioner's axe!"

Kathering shook her head. "Gwen, sweetie, please, think about this."

But Gwendolyn had made up her mind, and in fact had already left the two of them and stepped into the clearing. She knelt down next to him, and felt his wound, noticing that she came just in time. "I hope you're at least grateful for saving you... because if you still think of me as scum, then that can't be helped... I won't allow anyone to die on my watch."

And with that, she placed her hand firmly on the wound, and began. "Haelos'invigor... arcanus estati..."

The wound healed almost immediately, and the prince seemed to be breathing normally. Gwendolyn then noticed the staff lying next to him, and looked back at the prince. "Well, I wouldn't want you to lose this, now would I?" She asked, picking it up with the intention of giving it to him.

Suddenly a rush of power ran through her body, and her eyes lit up. She screamed in pain... this power, this rush, it burned, yet it felt liberating at the same time. She felt like her spirits had been lifted, that there was nothing in the world that could get her down. She felt... strong... confident... as if all she had to do to make someone see things her way was simply command it.

"Gwendolyn! Are you alright?" Kathering ran up to her, and Gwendolyn suddenly dropped the staff in surprise. Gwendolyn was breathing heavily, sweat dripping down her face. She had never felt anything like that before... and yet, why did it feel so right?

"Sheesh... as if today couldn't get any stranger, this happens." Roland answered, shaking his head exasperated.

That was when Jon Pelastor woke up.

The End

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