A Strange Ability

Jon carefully lit a small fire in his hand.  He looked around the room for the door he had come in through.  Finally, he spotted it on his left and walked out.  He stopped at the hole in the ceiling and climbed out.

Once he got back to the throne room, he found himself surrounded by dozens guards with swords drawn.  He quickly focused his power before glaring at them.  He held the staff in a defensive posture and readied for what would likely be his death.

"Get on with it!" he yelled the men, who promptly charged.  He charged the staff with his fire and lightning before swinging it around him.  The first wave of guards perished, but more rushed into the room to take their place.  This continued for several waves before Jon felt his power failing him.

Jon grew tired as more and more men rushed towards him.  He slipped in the blood from his foes, allowing several the chance to strike him.  A blade to his back sent him to his knees in pain.

At that moment, with his life about to end, a brilliant white light filled his sight as time seemed to stop.  No, time didn't seem to stop, it did stop.  Breathing hard, he looked around him.  The odds against him were insurmountable.

With time frozen, he realized he could escape without a trace.  He got to his feet and leaned against the staff for support.  He walked out of the room and as far from the palace as he could.  He headed towards Ygdrasil, where he knew the dragons would protect him.  His strength continued to decline.  At last, he could not continue.

Ahead of him, he saw three people and a bobcat walking.  Blackness began to block his eyesight as he collapsed from exhaustion.  He hit the ground with a loud thud.

The End

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