Vand: Leaving Ygdrasil

Soren and I had consensually decided that Pelastor was not in this Palace, which was a real drag as that meant we had to go back through Ygdrasil.

I sigh, "We have to go through the dragons again, and you do realize that, right?"

"Yeah, I know." He says, rather down.

"We should get going then."

"But, why isn't he here. He was always here!"

"I can't say."

Then, he stands up and decides to go through the dragons. We both walk together and exit the doors together. And we see a very interesting thing.

"No dragons!?" I exclaim, purely flabbergasted.

"What happened?"

Then, two people came towards us. First a tall woman with dark hair, striking icy blue eyes and her skin was radiantly pale. And second, A Tall, fit man with dark long hair and dark green eyes.

"Thank you for getting rid of the dragons."

"We came for Soren."

"Why me?"

"Good question. We'll tell you later. First, come with us."

"So, what's you're name?"

"It's Derrick, Derrick Keane. And I'm travelling here with Kiandra Aymrae. And you're Soren. But who're you?" They say, in regards to me.

"I'm Vand, water mage of the highest degree."

Soren cuts in "So, how did you know I'd be here?"

Derrick sighs, "Call it intuition, now come we need to get out of here before we all get killed."

I look a Soren for some form of approval, and Soren nods. And together, we start walking with them as they appear to have some idea of what's going on.

The End

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