Roland: Identity Crisis

"I'll asked you again. What is your name?"

"I told you. I am Conan Hayes of the Royal Guard."

The man turned to the person shuffling through a dusty pile of paper behind him.

"Have you found a reference yet?"

"Not yet."

"Once I am freed, I'll send you all to prison!"

My interrogator turned his attention to me once more.

"Ah yes, Conan, and I am assuming that today's incident was a display of your skill." That generated a couple of chuckles. I scowled. I did no like being laughed at. I also did not like being tied to a chair and being asked all these questions. But the thing that made me the most uncomfortable was how close they were getting to finding out my true identity.

You see, I used to be part of the noble family of Grey. We were distant relatives of the ruling family. Very distant, but close enough that we could practice magic. My parents were very proud of my aptitude towards magic and I excelled.

There was one problem. There was some doubt surrounding my birth. I had darker skin than my siblings and people were suspicious. When an investigation was done it was revealed that my father had an affair and I was the product. There was a debate as to whether I should retain my noble status and the rulers, eager to root out competition, said no. My father promised that he would fight for me and I believed him. That was until I overheard him conspiring with the royal guard.

So I ran. I ran until I could run no more. And when my money ran out I began to steal. That was three years ago. Most people had forgotten, but there was still a price on my head, especially with all the things I had stolen. And now these people might find out.

I heard the sound of rustling parchment. "I think I fo..."

There was a loud explosion. Everyone quickly took weapons of the walls and began to run to the door. I began to get worried.

"Hey! You can't leave me to die!" One woman quickly untied me  from the chairs.

"Thank you." I laughed and turned invisible. 

"Not on my watch." I looked down and realized that my hands were still tied and that the rope was tightly gripped in her hands. Shoot. Well, I had one more trick up my sleeves. I did a Confusion spell. It is really helpful if you get caught. It only works on one person at a time and only last a few seconds, but that was all I needed.

"What..." Her eyes widened and she let go of the  rope. I made a run for it.

The End

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