Vand: My Past.

Exhausted, tired and annoyed I sat down on one of the beautiful marble stairs. Soren leaned against a wall.

"Where could he have gone?" Soren asks.

Then, I sniff. "Is it just me, or do I smell rotten magic."

I look up at the roof and see Prince Pelastor walking upside down on the ceiling.

I stand up. "Like a bat."

Within moments Pelastor basically falls to the ground, and he lands gracefully and without injure.

"Pelastor!" Soren shouts, surprised at Pelastor’s sudden entrance.

"Ahh, Soren and Vand. Now, I know all about you Soren, being your superior and all, but Vand I have not had the pleasure to meet personally."

"What do you mean 'personally'? Have you heard of me?" I ask, confused at his use of words.

"Are you not Vand? The Vand that single-handedly slaughtered an entire legion and destroyed one of our best prisons with a few beads of sweat?"

"I am."

Soren looks at me, "Wait, you are?"

"I am."

Pelastor continues talking, "Well then, this is marvellous! Have you grown in power since then?"

"I have, did you know the body is made up of mostly water?"

"Hehe, then this battle will be worthwhile. Tell me this, will you, why do you want to kill me?"

"I don't want to kill you. I want to warn you."

"About what?"

I sigh. "I know what's going on. Food is getting more and more expensive, there is less and less of it. We are starving. So, you use us naturals as scapegoats. When the people are worrying about us, they're not worrying about how they'll eat. But, I know of naturals that have such control of magic that they can plant a seed and within a few minutes have it look as if it had been there for years! If us naturals, and you unnaturals just banded together, imagine what benefit the human race would get."

"What do you mean by naturals and unnaturals?" Pelastor questioned.

"Naturals are those who can use magic because it is them. Unnaturals are those who have to be taught magic. A natural can smell magic, unnaturals cannot."

"Right, so, how does it feel to travel with an unnatural?"

Soren looks bashful, and I reply to his question. "He's a natural. His magic smells true."

Pelastor's eyes widen. "Really, well, how do you say that a natural managed to infiltrate our guard?"

I smile. "I've known for some time. When my parents left me on that island they always drove by it every year on a ship, for sentimental reasons or what-not. The Sea Monsters would, of course, tell me each time. But they refused to tell me my original name. But, when I was about 11 years old, they said they saw another child with my parents. This child had dark red hair, almost black. And wonderful forest green eyes." I take a deep breath. "Soren is my brother. Our parents rid of me when they found my natural talent to magic. Soren was just better at hiding it. That's why he is so strong. Because he didn't learn his magic, he was born with it."

Soren looks at me with curiosity. "My parents always took us on a ship-ride every year. I had no idea why. You're my brother?"

"Yeah. I've known since I handed you the scroll. I knew you were my brother from the smell of your magic."

Then, Soren and I embrace, having been reunited after so long. And then, Pelastor breaks us up by speaking again.

"So, you two are brothers, wonderful. And Love will rule the whole earth when you kill me?"

"We're not here to kill you!" Soren practically screamed. "We're here to help!"

"Well, the problem is you'll have to kill me. Because I won't listen!"

Then, Pelastor smiled as he threw a fireball at Soren and I. Immediately, I got some water out of my jug and I started putting the water onto Pelastor so that he was now damp as if he had jumped into a lake.

"What did you do that for?" Soren asked.

"What do I control?"


"What is all over his body?"


I point a finger at Pelastor. "You are at my mercy." And as I move my finger, a droplet of water follows, and this droplet of water leaves behind a deep gash.

"Agh! Stop!" Pelastor says as he falls to his knees.

"You won't listen."

And as soon as I say those words, I open my hand, and then I clench. And as I clench my hand all the water on Pelastor goes deep inside. Pelastor falls to the floor, dead. And then, he fades away into ashes.

"Dammit!" I scream.

"He was a decoy this whole time?" Soren asks.

"Well, he would be far away by now." I say.

"When we get to the real Pelastor, don't kill him." Soren tells me.

"Alright little brother."

I put all the water back into my jug and Soren and I start walking around the Palace, looking for any clue to where Pelastor may have gone.

The End

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