Race to escape

"Where are-" Kiandra interrupted herself as Derrick grabbed clothes off a nearby laundry line (himself being above average height).

She lowered her voice to a whisper. "Where are we going?"

"Away from here." Derrick replied.

"Where, away from here?"

"For the moment, we're gonna head to the outskirts of the city as fast as we can, then her to another city." He glanced at her and smirked. "Don't worry, princess, I know my way around."

"I assume since it'll take us all day to get to the outskirts on foot that we'll stay at some low-sale inn and head off in the morning. Where'll we go from there?"

"If I told you that, you wouldn't be so amusingly agitated."

"If you don't tell me, I'll make sure that-"

"Any blackmail you throw at me doesn't work, if you wanted to know in advance." Derrick interrupted. "You, as a runaway, are bound to just as much extortion as I."

He pulled her by the elbow onto a side street, barely used. "We should reach the Sitting Duck by nine pm. If you cant survive until then, we can always go back to the market."

"I can certainly survive until nine." Kiandra replied curtly. "Just get me food and a bed by then, I'll be fine."

"As long a you shut up before then." Derrick took off, and she walked quickly after him.

"You said you're called Keane." she stated.

"Yeah, only in this city."

"Then the mage academy won't want you arrested after those years?"

"I doubt they care anymore."

"No, but I'm sure your family would since your father is too ill to function."

"Didn't know he was ill. Probably bought it on himself."

"I heard a rumor that Guardian Soren had something to do with it."

Derrick stopped, and turned to face her.

"Huh." he snorted. "I didn't think you were so informal."

The End

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