"Soren?" I said wandering what he could've done. "Soren Falcain?" I said in disbelief.

"Yeah, that's right," she whiped the tears from her eyes gingerly with her sleeve.

"That can't be right. How could Soren be involved with this? I've known him for years. He doesn't seem dangerous." I said pondering over this situation.

"Well I'm just telling you what I heard." she said getting up. "I'm getting a little tired. Do you mind if I go back and sleep?"

"Sure, do you know the way?" I asked, getting up incase she didn't.

"I do," was all she said as she ran lightly back.

With my mind distracted I didn't pay any attention to how warm the sun was that day, or how the wind blew which made the temperature just right. My mind was set only on the fact that a guard had called out Soren's name. From what I heard from Gwen, it wasn't like 'Soren, the all might' it was more of a 'Soren, the traitor' kind of way. "What have you gotten yourself into Soren," I said under my breath getting a little worried.

Then a pice of paper flew into my face. "What the--" I said snagging it before it blew off. It was a little thicker than the paper we had at the palace, so I thought it was merely a letter from another country sent by a messanger, but as soon as I flipped it over to see what was on it... I was mistaken. It wasn't just another letter. It was a warning.

"Warning: Soren the traitor is on the loose. If you see this man, you are to report it to the authorities." At the bottom, it had a vague drawing of Soren. My heart began to pound faster as I re-read it over and over again, hoping that it was a mistake, but the print would never change. It was set in stone. Soren Falcain was in trouble.

The End

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