The Truth Revealed

After going away some distance, Kathering turned to Gwendolyn. "Alright... I think this is far enough."

"Far enough for what?"

"Gwendolyn, first the bobcat, and now this stranger... how do you know these people? Who exactly are you?" Kathering questioned. Gwendolyn was sort of taken aback by this, and shook her head.

"It isn't important."

"It IS important! After all, I consider you a friend... don't you consider me one?"

Gwendolyn's eyes welled up. "I... I... I really don't want to talk about it..."

"Please, just trust me! What can you possibly say that would make me doubt our friendship?"

Gwendolyn couldn't contain it any longer. Tears streamed down her face and she began to cry. She fell to her knees on the ground and put her hands into fists to hide her face. Kathering bent down and held her. "Shhhh... don't cry... just tell me who you are... I promise I won't judge."



Gwendolyn took a deep breath. "I'm a rogue mage." Kathering's eyes opened wide when she heard this.


Gwendolyn didn't like the look she gave her then. "I'm... the Forest Witch. I don't know if you've heard the rumors or not... but I've been running from the magister's guards for months now... my only crime being a magic user outside of the royal family's control. I met Snickers in the woods where I was hiding, and he became my protector, since I cannot protect myself."

"And... and the stranger?"

"I ran into another rogue mage, named Vand. He led me into town and where I was nearly destroyed by a mob of commoners. I ran into a magister guard then, but he let us go, and we went to hide in the sewers. There I ran into the man over there. And that's when I panicked, telling Vand, a water mage, to flood the place and wash us away in a current in order to escape from the guards... and we were separated." Gwendolyn stared at Kathering then, who seemed to have a hard time taking this all in.

"Who... what name did the guard give you?" She asked, somewhat exasperated.

Gwendolyn stared at her, wondering exactly why she would ask such a question. "I believe the name he gave was Soren Falcian."

The End

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