City of Dragons



We entered through the Abandoned city's decaying gate, gazing at the ancient architecture. It was truly beautiful design, but a saddening thought but the sands of time was wearing it down.

"We are going to have to keep an eye out for dragons, they will not show hostility to the prince who is a fire mage. But they most likely will show hostility to us." I warned Vand who might already have known.

"I am aware, but thanks anyways Soren." He replied. It was weird to me to have someone call me by my first name.

"Alright. Pelastor should be up there." I pointed to the large building sitting on top of the hill with  spires, and least worn down, he nodded as we set off staying in the shadows.

As we walked consciously watching our every footstep to avoid getting the attention of the dragons. Then as we stopped to gain our bearings a Dragon swooped over our heads catching our scent. The Dragon flew up before turning around to see us with its large orange eyes.  A gleaming wall of magic appeared in my lift hand I raised it to deflect the fireball the dragon shot at us.  The Impact sent me sliding back a bit. Where my protection spell was not covering was melted instantly.  Vand responded immediately using his water to force the dragon back.  I raised my right hand while the Dragon was on the defence I casted a destruction spell that would probably keep the dragon down for a while.

" Solaris's minor punishment." I murmured as a canon shot of blue bursted from my hand hitting the dragon directly in the chest sending it to the ground, " We've got to run the other dragons are probably on their way now!" I order as if I was still the captain of the Royal guardians. 

We only got a couple blocks up before at least 10 dragons caught up and surrounded both on land and the air.  Vand was ready with his water as was I with my left hand ready to cast protection spells, and my right ready to destroy.

"Two more assassin." A dragon snarled.

"We mean no harm to prince Pelastor!" Vand protested.

" I would be compelled to agree if today was a different day, but not only have you come on the day of the death of the magistrate. You have come with the son of one of the magistrates murderers." The Dragon said showing his many Jagged teeth. 

" I was trying to protect the Magistrate!" I said in my own defence.

"It is convenient for you to say that because you are the captain of the Royal guardians, Slayer! But who is not say that you were giving your father all the information he needed to know to take the magistrate down."

" Yes, Dragon but you forget I am bound by magic to protect the Throne until Death or Royal consent of Release!" 

"You you have the power to break that magic if you wanted to! Slayer, and Vand the Dragons will bring you to your Demise!" The Dragon said with Demeanour.

" Not today!" Vand said as I muttered," Not If I can help it."

Water from the ground rose as Vand  moved his hands making sure he had splashed most of the dragons in the face with enough water to hopefully weaken their ability to breath fire at us.

"Solaris's Storm of Meteora!" I cried as the sky filled with pissed off dragons, and flaming space rocks Crushing buildings and taking a lot of the dragons who took to the air.  I drew my sword as I dragon landed in front of me ready to swipe at me with its Rapier like claws. 

"Die Slayer!"  It yelled breathing a geyser of flames.

"Divine shield." I whispered  stopping the flames completely. The flames still burned after the dragon had breathed, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. The wind began to pick up making the fire flicker as the fire closet to me went out but gathered strength underneath the dragon. 

" Have a taste of your own poison you misinformed Dragon!" I yelled as the flames were blown up into the dragons nose from the power of the wind. With the Dragon in severe pain, I charged and brought my blade against its neck.

" I will not kill you, Dragon. The Prince will need support from the Dragons in the future." I Said only loud enough for the dragon to hear before bring the hilt of my blade against a soft part of its head disorienting it.

Vand was up ahead single handedly fighting off a group of dragons with all the water he could summon. None them could get close to him as he danced with no fault controlling the water flawlessly. I made the winds pick up stronger than any tropical storm making the dragons flight nearly impossible as my hands focused a red magic.

" Edge end!" I yelled making a burst of red light travelling along the wind causing buildings to crumble and the dragons to either retreat or get badly wounded.

"Thank you." Vand said placing the water back in the sack on his back.

"I should be thanking you for taking most of the heat Vand." I replied," Lets get going we can't be too far from Prince Pelastor."


After searching the castle we found evidence of an interrogation and two dead guards. Did they already get to Pelastor? I don't think so because the Dragons would have been at his side if he were in distress.

"He must have left as we had entered." Vand said.

"Where could he have gone?" I asked.


The End

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