Roland: In Trouble Again

I had been right. The bobcat found where the girl was. I followed them inside. I grabbed food off their plates while they weren't looking. Then I followed them outside and watched the Kathering girl train. It was excellent. I clapped when she won, but of course with the cloaking spell no one heard me. Afterwards they began to walk away and I took a shortcut through two fighting people to follow them.

Big mistake, because at that moment someone just happened to throw a fireball at where I was standing. My clothes quickly caught on fire. I did what anyone anyone would have done. I panicked. I began running around, screaming in terror. At first, people thought it a spell, but then they realized something was going on. Especially when I suddenly became visible. People find it very suspicious when someone suddenly appears in their midst. When Alex finally put me out, everyone had unsheathed their weapons and they were beginning to advance towards me. Fortunately the girl from the tunnel saved the day.

"Hey, you're the guy who threatened to kill me!"

"And you're the girl who almost succeeded!"

Kathering walked over to us. "You know him, Gwen?"

"Sort of."

Alex narrowed his eyes. "You said he threatened to kill you?"

Why  couldn't anyone drop that? 

"I was just ad-libbing. I never kill anyone, honest!"

"Why should we believe you?"

I opened my mouth and closed it. Alex smiled grimly.

"Why don't you come with us?"

"I'd rather not..."

But it looked like I didn't have a choice. Two people grabbed me by the arms and began to pull me away. I looked back and noticed that Kathering and Gwen were continuing on their way. Where were they going?

The End

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