Fighting Never Felt so Good

"I see..." I said hesitantly. "So this is your... pet?" I said hoping I used the right words.

"He's a friend." she smiled. "Snickers, could you go up to our room. I'm sure you can find my scent there." Snickers nodded, but that was all.

When he left I was left with questions about who that... creature was. "Anyways, I'll ask about that later. Now," moving on to what I had planned for. "How about some lunch!" I said smiling.

"But we've barley got anything done!" She fretted.

"It's okay, training can wait till later. I'm starved," I winked and led her to the dining room. "Since I don't think either of us is royalty we don't need to stay at the feast theyre having. Here," I said handing her a plate. "Get whatever you want," I smiled grabbing some pork.

When we had grabbed all the food we could fit onto our plate, we headed back to our room. We ate and talked and laughed as if we were childhood frineds. It was a warmth I had never felt before. Not even with Soren. She felt so close.

"So, today, I wanna just walk around the guardian training area." I said as we stuffed the last couple crumbs into out mouths. "I know your probably not going to really fight in a battle, but watching the training sessions can give you a hint or to if your ever in trouble."

"That could be useful," she said as she put the dishes in the sink. "I'll wash these later."

"Okay! Let's go!" I headed for the training groubds where I used to spend all my time.

When we finally got to the grounds I saw people wrestling and tossing people around. It gave me chills to see them.

"Kathering!" Someone called.

"Alex!" I remembered a familiar childhood face. "How are you!"

"I'm fine, but I'd be even better if you faught with me." he smiled a half smile as his lips rose slightly.

"That wasn't called for, but If It's all right with Gwen," I said introducing my new frined.

"It's fine. I'd love to see you battle." Her face lit up as she looked on with awe as if this was here first time to see a battle up close.

"All right. Rules are that you are to not go easy on me, you can use all the magic you like, and you stay in  a 25 meter radius from this point." he said drawing a dot with his foot.

"Sounds good to me," I said sliding a dagger into my hand from my pocket to my hands. I gripped it tightly as I felt the adreniline pumping through the course of my veins. It felt so right.

Alex could use water at his will which gave me a type disadvantage, but I could tell I wasn't going to need to use any fire this round. He shot a couple blows at me, but I dodged them with ease. "My turn I whispered." I gave him only a couple seconds to move, but that was all.

In seconds I was behind him ready to launch myself at him with my dagger. "Not gonna happen," he said as I realized he had one withhim too.

"Damn," I cursed as I realised this would be harder than I thought. He pushed me off and lunged forward with everything he had.

"Spread into  my enemy's path, Firewall," I chanted as a wall of fire seperated me from Alex.

I smiled as I quickly ran around my wall, avoiding the 25 meter line. I had the element of suprose on my hand, but my luck became doubt as i felt something cold touch my arm, but I was on the ground by them.

I was impressed. I shouldn't hold back now.

Suddenly a rush of water that came at me from all directions at a pressure that was incredible, but I was gone.

In a split second I was on Alex's back with a knife against his throat. "Smoke clone." I whispered. "I win."

"WHOOH!" I head people shout. That's when I realized that everyone had stopped to watch me and Alex fight. I got off of Alex and smiled. It felt nice to finally get into the fighting spirit again.

I walked away with a wave and headed towards Gwen. I grabbed her hand and pulled her away. Somewhere where I wouldn't draw a lot of attention. "Back to practice."

The End

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