Assassination attempt

"Useless mage," said Jon as he sent a massive bolt of lightning into his prisoner, finally ending the interrogation.  Two guards entered and removed the body.  Jon began pacing in the room.

Suddenly, he heard three thuds outside the door.  He turned around just in time to duck a sword thrust.  He drew his own blade and ignited it with his magic.  He ducked another blow and delivered one of his own, striking the would-be assassin in the thigh.  The man fell and dropped his sword.

"Tell me who sent you, assassin, and I will make this quick," said Jon.

"I'll never tell you anything!  Your kind thinks they are so much better than us.  I won't be the-" replied the man before he was incinerated in a massive blast of fire.

They wouldn't just try to assassinate me... Father! thought Jon as he ran to the roof.  He didn't have time to ride his horse to the palace.  He summoned a massive lightning storm.  He looked down and saw two men running in the distance.  More assassins he thought.

In a brilliant flash, he disappeared from the castle at Ygdrasil and reappeared at the royal palace.  He ran to the throne room and found it destroyed.  His father was no where to be found.  He knew what must have happened, and he dropped to his knees and stared up at the sky.

After a few seconds, he looked back at the floor and noticed a glowing design on it.  He stood up and walked to the center of the design.  Carefully examining it, he realized that it showed a massive conflagration of flames.

Looking at his hand, he ignited it and said, "Well, it's worth a try."

Summoning all of his power, he slammed his hand into the ground.  The floor shook and cracked, then collapsed around him.  He landed on his feet in a narrow hallway.  In the dim light through a nearby door, he could see something standing in the middle of a large room.

Walking through the door, he could see that it was a staff.  He walked closer and held out his hand to touch the staff.  A brilliant display of lights showered the room.  Jon stumbled back in surprise, falling to the ground.  After a moment, he got to his feet and walked back to the staff.

"Could this be the fabled Staff of Athas?" he said aloud as he grabbed the staff.  He lifted it out of the notch it was resting in and the room suddenly went dark.

The End

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