Vand: With Soren

Soren picks me up from the ground and puts his hand on my shoulder in a comforting way.

"Let's go and find Prince Pelastor."

I nod and I begin to follow him. Then, I suggest something.

"Question. Where does Prince Pelastor live?"

"Well, he lives in the palace at Ygdrasil."

"Ygdrasil? You mean the city of dragons?"


"Well, I used a secret way to get to this palace, the sewers. I know the sewers don't go directly to the palace at Ygdrasil, but they do go to the outskirts. We could go, evade detection and get there faster. But we'd still have to slay some dragons."

"The sewers... we have sewers?"

"Yeah, top secret project."

"Hmm, I see, but why couldn't anyone detect us?"

"Nope, the walls are built with Jade, we can't detect those outside the sewers and they can't detect us."

"Really, is it dangerous down there?"

"Very, sea monsters live there, if they get hungry they may eat you."

"Which species?"

I was taken aback for a moment, very few people actually knew there were different species of sea monsters. If they did it means they've met a sea monster before and have earned its trust.

"How do you-"

"That's beside the point, which species?"

"Leviathan species."

His eyes widen for a moment. "That would explain the fang."

"Yeah, well we could go down if you'd like. There'd be less hassle."

"Yes, I agree, let's do that. Show me the nearest entrance."

I nod and walk back to the broom closet I was in at first, Soren followed. I open the door and walk inside, and then down the stairs.

"There were stairs here?"


I continue on and eventually it opens into the tiled cavern with the disgusting water carring on for almost eternity.

"We have to swim through that?"

"No, no swimming." I say as I step onto the water, my magic keeping the water in such a state that I can walk on it. "Come on, the water's fine."

Cautiously, Soren steps out onto the water and finds it quite solid. And he begins walking in circles.

"This is so cool!" He exclaims.

"I'm glad."

Then, together we walk along the water, with me leading the way. To the outskirts of Ygdrasil.

The End

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