Gwendolyn: Reunion with Snickers

"Good job, I'm impressed." Katherine said to Gwendolyn, her voice filled with pride and surprise. Gwen stared back with her sapphire eyes and beamed.

"You are a wonderful teacher."

Katerine blushed when she heard this. "Well, I wouldn't say I'm wonderful..."

Gwen smiled back, having felt the best she had since she could remember. She wanted to thank her for being so nice to her, when she heard something... a soft, yet strong, meow.

Katherine heard it too. "What... what is that?" She asked, not quite certain how she should feel.

Gwendolyn put her cup down and wandered over to where she thought she heard the sound. For some reason it sounded... familiar.

Katherine watched her and began to follow. "Gwendolyn, I don't think you should go on alone."

"I'll be fine." Gwendolyn lied. She knew full well that she couldn't defend herself. If it wasn't for Vand and Snickers, she was certain that man would have slit her throat without asking who she was. That was just the world she lived in.

Then it hit her: Snickers! Who else would be looking for her, even now? Ever since she healed him back in the forest, he's been her protector from just about everything!

Gwendolyn couldn't keep it in any longer. "Snickers!" She yelled, and Katherine stared at her strangely.

"Snickers? What's a Snickers?" As if to answer her question, a bobcat jumped out of the bushes right on top of Gwendolyn. The action caught Gwen by surprise, and she fell to the ground, Snickers sitting on her stomach. Gwendolyn was laughing, overjoyed to see her old friend.

Katherine, however, was more frightened that happy. "Gwendolyn! Are you alright? Don't worry, I'll teach this-"

Snickers stared at her then, a look that said "Don't mess with me, woman." Katherine backed off from the cold stare Snickers gave her, and looked back at Gwendolyn.

"It's alright, Katherine," Gwendolyn said, her face now in a broad smile. "This... is Snickers. He's a friend of mine." Gwendolyn stroked Snickers' fur, and Snickers purred and batted Gwendolyn's nose with his paw, as if saying: "Where have you been, you naughty girl?"

Katherine stared at what she could only think of as the strangest sight she had ever seen in her life so far... and this coming from a practitioner of magic.

The End

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