Appointed Protector

Derrick turned, surprised that a Magistra would call out to him even if he had saved her.

"I. . ." she paused, as if intimidated. "I said, where do you think you're going?"

"Away from the scene." he replied calmly. "Else I'll be arrested."

Derrick kept walking as the princess's face twisted in confusion and despair.

"For saving my life? You're a coward." she said in a voice that seemed a bit too dark.

That was it.

Derrick turned around, angry. The girl took one step back, frightened.

"I am a coward." he repeated, his voice void of any emotion. "I, who risked my life for a girl I have never met, who risked my own death, am a coward. Your people really have changed."

"My people." she whispered transfixed.

"A runaway like you would be called a fool, a coward, or a brave woman." Derrick said. "But you're not any of those. You're a moron. You don't know jack about the world outside the walls of those castles and fancy houses. You don't know jack about me."

"I do know who I was meant to recognize. You can't deny the disappointment in your face that I'm not just like you." the girl snapped back. "By tomorrow there'll be a price on my head. Take me with you and keep me safe, I won't hand you to the guards."

Derrick's mouth dropped open. This girl would never. . .

"You would not do that.

"I would." she smiled almost casually. "If I was driven so."

Derricks brow furrowed in frustration. "What is your name, princess?"

"Kiandra." she smirked. "I might as well know your name as well. . ."

"Derrick Keane." he snapped.

A few feet away, more people were gathering at the scene of Kiandra's mugging.

"Come this way." Derrick pulled her through a narrow alley.

The End

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