Healers Together

Falcain had gone out on some mission. I didn't know the spacifics, and I usually tried to stay away from it. Sure, when there was a war, I'd love to go, but I liked the peace and quiet.

"Gwen!" I said. "Hey, I brought up some lunch!" I said.

"Coming," she called back.

"Hey, so I thought about starting your training secession today. It's nice and sunny out and well we could go out for a walk." I smiled.

"Sure, let's get started!" she said. I had noticed after a few days, she had gotten comfortable. I was glad that she was, but there was something about this that bothered me. All well.

We headed down to thegarden and we bagan the simpliest lesson I could think of. "Okay, I guess you know the basics. Chant words and then let the power flow through. It's really quite simple." I smiled. "How about we trya purification spell."

"Sure," I led her to a puddle that was in the ground. I took the cup I had grabbed from my room and dipped it in the water scooping some up. "Now, I'll show you then you try." I closed my eyes and took a deep breth and placed my hand above the cup. "Dirty is this water, that flows on the ground. Take from it, the evil inside. Purify." I said chanting the words my grandmother had taught me. The water slowly began to turn clean, and when it was done, it was all fresh.

"That was amazing! Can I really do that?" Gwen said anazed.

"Sure, give it a try," I said scooping up some more water.

"Dirty is this water, that flows on the ground. Take from it, the evil inside. Purify." She said, just as I had. All of a sudden, her hand began to shake as she attempted to purify the water, and sloly and gradually, the brown water became clear.

Talented young girl. She'll make a fine healer. I thought. I smiled at her, "Good job. I'm impressed."

The End

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