Roland: Alive... Surprisingly

I opened my eyes groggily. I was lying in some water that was thankfully shallow. I knew that wave was a bad idea. I sat up wondering what that strange taste in my mouth was. Then I realized...

"Gaaaah!" I began spitting and choking and coughing, trying to expel the foul water from my system. When I was down I stood up and looked around. Where were the others? They must have drowned. I felt a bit bad. I had only known them a little while, but still. I decided to say a speech.

"I didn't know your names, but you did save my life, even though you almost took it again. I will miss all of you, even the bobcat, though I am certain it hated me."

I turned and was about to leave the tunnel when I heard a noise. 

"Guys? Are you in there?" The sound came again, only louder. I peered into the tunnel. There was something lying on the ground. I cautiously crept forward and realized it was...

The bobcat. It was crouching and I could here its breathing. Its yellow eyes examined me suspiciously. I wasn't sure what to do.

"Um, nice cat." I bent over and reached out. If it hadn't been for my fast reflexes I would be missing a hand.

"Hey! I'm trying to help!" But it didn't want help. It leaped to its feet and none worse for wear, sauntered over to the ladder, clawing up the ladder. I climbed up to the surface, where the creature broke into a run, apparently after its master. I had little else to do except put on a cloaking spell and follow it.

The End

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