Vand: Awake

I opened my eyes and looked around, my jug of water with the blue ribbon was just a few feet away, and I felt a stinging pain in my back.

"With the extent my powers, it would've been nigh impossible for her and I to get separated. What went wrong."

I used my hand to feel what was stinging in my back, then I felt it, a Sea Monster tooth. I took it out and the wound healed instantly. But I looked at the tooth in my left hand.


Sea Monsters are the original controllers of the ocean. It was only because of them that I was able to control water. They taught me in my dreams, releasing the hidden talent inside. I knew there were some in the sewers, infact Roland was lucky that he didn't get eaten when he went under.

I stood up and walked over to my jug of water, I grabbed it and managed to put it on my back again, tying the blue ribbon almost immediately. I drew some of the water form my jug and washed myself off, all the human refuse and waste came off.

Then, I looked around at my surroudings, where was I, which part of the Sewers was I in now? Around me I saw only tiled walls and a single door that lead to a staircase going up. So, I walked up the stairs, but not before I heard a roar behind me. I turned around and saw a Serpentine Sea Monster, there were a few different kinds.

"Vand, you know what the fang means?"


"Good, do you know the word?"


"Good, we await your spirit to join the ocean and become one with the water."

"I can't wait."

After this, the Sea Monster left and I continued up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a broom closet, specifically one of the broom closets for the Royal Palace. There we're many entrances into the Royal Palace from the sewers, this was one of them.

I open the door of the broom closet and walk into a destroyed mess. There was chunks of marble and granite everywhere. The entire floor was covered in dust. Cautiously, I walked onto the dusty, broken floor. Then, I hear footsteps on an upper floor. I get ready the water in order to attack, and I go towards where the footsteps were. Then, I see someone who I didn't expect to see in a destroyed Palace.

"Hello, Soren." I say as I put the water back into my jug.

"Hello, Vand. It seems our paths have crossed again. I must regrettably say that I was unable to give Zaleus your scroll. And, it appears that I am now disowned by the Magistrate."

I bow my head in condolance. "I'm very sorry to hear that Soren. If you want, I will travel with you."

"Where is the healer?"

"We were separated when Sea Monsters interfered with my magic. And they gave me this." I said, showing him the Sea Monster fang.

Soren's eyes widen. "So..."

"Yes. At a time when of my chosing I get to single-handedly get one wish granted in exchange for my life."

"Mhm, what will you wish for."

"I'm torn, between stopping the rain altogether, or wishing for heavier rains for eternity."

"Would you be able to willingly destroy the human race?"

I turn away from him. "Yes, I no longer have any faith in the goodness of a human soul. All that is inside is death, destruction, lust and greed."

"And you are exempt from this? Are you the only human with a good soul?"

I turn back and face him. "I'm not a human, and I know that you aren't either. Us beings who can use magic naturally, we are not humans. We are a different race, a stronger one."

"How do you know my magic is natural?"

"The smell. All natural magic users smell real magic. You can't tell me you don't smell it, because I smell your magic."

"Well, what would happen when you die?"

"Heh, the Sea Monsters and I have a pact. Once I die, I become one with the ocean. I have the power to flood the world."

"Would you?"

"How can't I. If it's to exterminate humans, I will do anything."

"Fine then, do it, wish for the end of the rain. Kill them all."

I look down at the fang in my hand, I sigh. "Very well. I... I... I... I can't do it."

I fall to the ground and beat the floor with my fist and cry. "I can't do it. I can't do it. I can't do it."

The End

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