"Un-hand me! Now, before I call-," I paused, not knowing how to continue. There was no one that could save me. I was alone. 

 I struggled against the meaty hands of the two men imprisoning me in their rough grasp. Another dug around through my things, touching them with his dirty, greasy, disgusting hands. Never in my life had I been so violated.

The third man grinned, his eyes bulging at he noticed the jewelled pendant hanging about my neck. One of the few things I had kept of my Princess-hood - it was a pendant signifying my engagement to the Magister of the Keane line.  "Call who? Them royal patrols? We gots bargains with them, ho yes we do!" The others laughed gleefully, like stupid young boys. I felt for whatever natural element was around me, but, in this city place, I could feel only a glimmer of power. "There's naught they'll do for you, fine missy." He then removed the necklace over my head. I was becoming seriously furious.

A shot went off and the man holding my necklace stumbled to the ground, pots went whizzing through the air and smacked the others in a spot so that they dropped unconscious. A few people screamed in fright and scattered. I stood in shock, unharmed, and bent to retrieve my necklace from the man's limp hand. It must have been magic. But it was not my own. I hastily scanned the area surrounding me, and faintly I caught the trace of a magic user - and he must have been strong for me to have sensed it. Who had saved me? My curiousity was intense. I shifted through the remnants of the crowd, following the soft signal. That was when I caught sight of tall man topped with dark hair walking stealithy in the opposite direction. The sense of magic strengthened tenfold and I was certain it was he who had rescued me.

I jogged a little, pushing between several more people. I was almost upon him, by now I was certain he could sense me as I sensed him, and I called, "Hey, where do you think you're going? You just can't runaway after saving someone."

He turned around slowly, striking emerald eyes meeting my own, filled with a power unparralleled by any rogue mage. He was a trained magician. He was a Royal.

The End

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