Death of a magistrate, and betrayal of the nobles



I took the scroll from the man, I had no reason to break his trust, so I would deliver it to the magistrate. However I doubted the magistrate would actually consider the mans proposal.

"yes if can learn to join forces, we can cure the planet. Everything I know is in that scroll. Please give it to the Magister Lord." He said, and I nodded before I let them go.

The violence continued, I best make it back to the Palace to insure security and safety. Passing through town it became evident that a small incident had released the building political pressures. The rouge mages who had gathered to rally were now in full conflict with my Subordinates, with commoners in the crossfire.  I wished I could jump in but I had to make sure the magistrate was safe.

At the palace the fighting had begun and magic was swirling brilliantly in the air as the elite forces clashed with opposing forces. Muttering a few quick protection spells I manage to seal up some holes in the walls, before dropping on the throne room. Where my most elite force of royal gaurdians were struggling from a group of rouge mages. As my feet hit the floor, the royal gaurdians fell to the floor dead. The Magistrate was left alone on his throne weak,unarmed , and outnumbered.

Some of the rouge mages took off their hoods revealing themselves to the magistrate as they all brandished sharp executing tools. Too my astonishment I I recognized some as Nobles who supported the magistrate, one being my own father Zaleus. 

"Heavens crystal wall!" I shouted protecting the Magistrate from any immediate harm. The mix of traitors, and rouge mages turned around to face me.

"Soren, I was wondering when you would show up." My father turned annoyed.

"Its Captain Falcain!" Some of the rouge mages shouted in fear, while  the others cowered behind the nobles.

"Up front all of you cowards!" Shouted a blond noble named Carson. They listened but it seemed like they were acting against their judgement.

"It won't make a difference Carson!" I growled spinning my body and bringing my hands to the ground,"Oblitaro!" The ground beneath the rouge mages exploded in bright columns of light incinerating the might be assassins. Now the true fight began.

"Zaleus has anyone ever told you that you're son is a very fine mage?With a heart as cold as stone?" Carson mocked," Perhaps if had known that those rouge mages were just a distraction of the real truth, and we used them he may have spared their already pathetic lives."

"They do call him Slayer for a reason." Another Noble said who had greying hair. So these rallies were really just the puppeteer work of the nobles? And why was my father among these traitors?

"Carson, I would focus on my son, he is not one to give someone an opening!" My father warned a tad late as my blast of air caught him off balance.

" Divine wrath level thirty two astronomical Punishment!" I shouted releasing a wave of heat and meteors.  All of them avoided the spell except for Carson who countered with the summoning of a Metallic gate which was destroyed immediately nearly killing him.  Behind me my father came down with his own blade, tied in with a destruction spell. With quick reflexes I block tying my own blade with a strong protection spell reflecting his attack back at him.  He managed to take little damage as a concentrated explosion went at his face.  The other five fired a consistent number of spells at me which I had managed to reflect all of them skillfully but I was losing ground quickly.  After about two minutes of intense blocking and little openings for me to attack through I managed to distance myself from the group of nobles.

"Getting Tired Slayer?" Called one. 

"Soren, you are out numbered surrender to us!" My father called.

"Like hell I will!" I replied casting five spells from the darkness all catching them on gaurd but they did not have my proficiency in protection spells so even if they managed to block they would not be able avoid this one.

" Skies shall burn while the seas boil dry, and mountain tops turn to molten rock under the fury of a thousand burning stars!" I chant as my magic flows around me concentrating in my palms, making a blinding light," Pay for your Betrayal!"  I release the spell.  Even with my eyes closed I felt like my retinas were burning as the large explosion went of obliterating the throne room completely. As the explosion died much of the throne room and structures around it were either destroyed or were being consumed in fires. four of the nobles were unconciouse however my father still stood, with a poker faced expression along with the grey haired one.

"You have surpassed me Soren but you're still to young to win this battle." My father said. At first I was confused but then I saw that protection spell I had casted around the magistrate was disolving meaning, that I had used to much of my magic in that spell that wiped out more than half of the palace. My father rushed towards me with his blade cutting me across the chest, but he did not have the guts to kill me as I took advantage of the weakness I used my own blade to cut his right arm off.  I turned to see the grey haired stab the magistrate in the heart. I had failed.

"Soren, find prince Pelastor!" He pleaded before the grey haired one punched him in the jaw. With the chest wound I cringed in pain, as I took a final glimpse of my father who was now standing looking pale from the amount of blood loss. I wished I could ask him why but I had to find the Prince and tell him! With that I ran into the darkness holding my wound tightly.

The End

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