Katherine: Gwendolyn...

Walking around the castle always put me at ease. There was nothing better than walking around feeling the breeze in your hair. Then, I saw a figure moving off in the distance. I rand up to it knowing that it wouldn't be bad to do so.

"Hello ma'am? Do you need help?" She looked horrified at the sight, but when I smiled she relaxed a bit.

"My name is Gwendolyn..." she looked away.

"Where are you from?" I asked curiously. "I haven't seen you anywhere before. Somewhere far from here?" she just nodded.

She looked battered and torn, but she looked lost. "Come with me back into the castle. You'll be safe there." I smiled and helped her to my room. I took her a different way though, one that had less people.

Getting back to my room I let her take a shower and relax. I waited patiently for about 30 minutes and when she was done I let her borrow some of my clothes. She was a bit smaller than me, but she managed all right.

"So, are you a mage?" I asked as I brewed up some tea.

"Yeah," she said shyly.

Getting answers from her will be harder than I thought. I thought. "Are you a healer?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied again.

"Great! I'm a healer too! I can use fire magic too. If you want I could get you a job as a nurse here at the castle." offering a job like that I thought she wouldn't turn me down, but she surprised me again.

"No!" she suddenly shouted. "Well, I mean it's really nice of you to do a lot for me, but I'm not really skilled at it. I've just tapped into a little of my power..." she hesitated.

"I see. Okay, how about you stay here with me. Keep me company, you know? In exchange, I'll teach you some basics to healing and stuff," I smiled at her as she began to sip at her tea.

"I don't know..." she hesitated again.

"It's a win win situation. I get company and you get training." I winked at her as she finally gave in.

"Okay," and then she smiled. She really did have a charming smile.

"Then it's a deal." I confirmed.

The End

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