Roland: Escape

There is nothing like a nice brisk jog. Many people don't bother to take one but all you need is the right motivation. A bunch of guards hunting you down like an animal provided plenty of encouragement.

I hadn't really done anything all that bad. I was hungry, so I took an apple. I was almost sure he wouldn't miss it, but just in case I turned myself invisible. Next thing I knew, I had been caught and what seemed to be every guard in the entire market was chasing me. I ran as fast as I could, struggling to gulp down enough air to keep going. What was wrong with these guards? It wasn't like stealing was punishable by death. Oh wait, it was. Well, it shouldn't be. 

I wished I could turn invisible, but that would involve revealing that I was a mage and that would cause even more trouble. I realized that I couldn't hear any footsteps I  stopped for a moment to catch my breath. That was when I noticed an entrance to the sewer  on the ground. Hmmm...

I could hear footsteps again. I went to the entrance and dragged the cover aside. It was huge. I didn't even know we had a sewer. I peered into it dubiously.

The footsteps came closer.

It looked deep.

I could hear voices.

And dark. 

But it had to be better than certain death. I was about to jump in when two people appeared, accompanied by a bobcat. I gaped at them, then recollected myself.

"You had better get going, before I slit your throats." I doubted I could take on the three of them, but I couldn't let them know that.  I felt something wet around my shirt and looked down. It was a tentacle of water, courtesy of the sewer. I looked up and realized that the man was a mage. Oh, and that he might drown me. 

"On second thought, maybe we should talk about it." The man narrowed his eyes, but the water released me.

I heard some noise and this time I knew it was the guards.

I felt panic rise in my throat. "Come on! Let's go!" I leaped into the sewer.

They shouted in surprise as I fell feet first into the water. I was right, the sewer was deep. Really deep.

""Help! I'm drowning!" I sank below the surface of the water. I didn't know how to swim. Never had to. But now I really wish that someone had taught me. Soon, I stopped struggling. So this is how it feels to drown. Odd, it feels like I'm rising.

I realized that I was rising, and now I was standing on top of the water, along with the others. I straightened my damp shirt.

"Thank you. Now..."

A pair of watery manacles appeared on my wrists.

"What the..."

"You said you were going to slit our throats, remember."

Oh yeah. I regret that now.

The End

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