Vand: Suspicious

"Consider it a freebie." He answered, before walking past her. "I hope for your sake we don't meet again."

I put the water back in my jug and bowed low. "Thank you, may you be blessed. Before I go, take this to the magister."

I rifle through my blue robe and finally find my pocket, and then I pull out a scroll. Hopeful, I hand it to him; he takes it and opens it and reads the first few lines.


"Yes, if we can learn to join forces, we can cure the planet. Everything that I know is in that scroll please give it to the Magister Lord."

He nods, and I believe him, hoping that my trust was not in vain. Then, I grab Gwendolyn's arm and motion for us to leave. And together, we run away from the crowd and after a few minutes of running we end up in the forest. And Gwendolyn needs to stop to catch her breath.

"I can't believe I let you trick me into that! Going into a town, are you mad?!"

"Well, we needed some food, didn't we? I'm aware that it was dangerous, but it's something we have to do."

"We need to start avoiding towns. Travelling by land doesn't work anymore."

I turn away from her and look in the direction of the ocean. Something I always know. Then, I sigh, "I know a different way. We won't have to go through land, but it could potentially be more dangerous. I haven't been that way in a while so I can't say what's there now."

"What are you talking about?"

"About 20 years ago the magistrate tried to create a sewage system to increase the sanitation of the country. However, the project was ultimately dropped without the proper money because of the lack of cash crops. So, it was left alone, I discovered it about 15 years ago. The pipes are huge, and can carry a fully grown human, or several species of Sea Monster. With my control over water, we can simply walk through the pipes, and they lead right up to the Palace. But, I can't guarantee safety."

"Well, I can't walk by land anymore; it's too hard, too difficult."

"Very well, then perhaps it was kismet that the Royal Guardian ended up in the same town as us." I paused, collecting my thoughts. "Follow me, I'll show you the nearest entrance to the sewage system."

"Would anyone trying to hunt us every look down there?"

"I hardly doubt it; the sewage system was top secret during development. Now that it's an embarrassment, I think only the people that were made to work on it would know about it."

"Ok, but what about food?"

"Do you like fish?"

"Haha! Ok, now serious, what about food?"

"Fish my healing friend, fish or starvation. I can't turn water into food, and I wouldn't drink the water in the pipes."

"Fine then, as long as it's not on land, I can handle it."

"Ok, let's go."

And together, her, Snickers and I all walked towards the nearest entrance. While we walked, we didn't hear anyone following us but I had a hunch.

Oh well, I thought, they can't walk on water.

The End

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