Gwendolyn stared at the man with eyes wide with fright. The very armor he wore bore many similarities to the usual mage hunter, but personalized to signify an elite. Her heart began to pound in her chest rapidly, and she had to force herself to stay in one place.

"Please... just leave me alone..." she whispered softly, her eyes welling up. The man stared at her then, and saw that she was nearly in tears. It was obvious to him that she was terrified of him, and had experiences with the royal guards in the past... none of which were pleasant.

"Hey, now, there's no need for tears. I promise I won't hurt you, okay?" The man answered, as if trying to comfort her.

"How do I know I can trust you?" She responded, taking a step back, slipping and falling on the cold ground, scrapping a knee in the process. The bobcat Snickers trotted up to her and began to lick the wound tenderly.

"Gwendolyn, are you alright?" Her friend Vand asked. He then looked at the man standing in their path. "Do you really think we would start a rally, or even take part in one? All Gwendolyn wants is to be left in peace... as do I. All we want is answers."

"Answers from the magister?" The guard asked, crossing his arms. "You are a rogue mage, and since she is frightened of me, I can only assume she is too? And... if I may ask, what is with the bobcat?"

"I've sorta wondered about that myself. He came with Gwendolyn, acting like her guardian ever since I ran into her in the forest."

"Ah... the woman known as the Forest Witch. I've heard rumors." The guard answered, letting his arms fall to his side. He began to take a few steps forward...

Gwendolyn's eyes widened, Snickers turned and began to hiss at him. Gwendolyn stood up and stared at the guard, and she suddenly snapped at him. "What do you people want from me? I've made an honest living, aiding the sick and the injured, using my magic whenever necessary, hiding it the best I could, and when it was discovered... I lost my home, my job, my life... I've been living in the forest, eating roots and berries for almost three months now! And even then you people pursued me, even then I ran for my life, knowing what would happen if you caught me!"

Tears streamed down her face, and she fell to the ground on her knees. "I'm... tired of running. If you must take me back with you, then go right ahead... I won't try to resist anymore... I'm just want it all to end."

The guard looked at her solemnly and then shook his head. "Sorry, but I have business with dealing with a rally. I suggest you run for it, and I have no plans of following you... but I have a duty to uphold, so the next time I see you, I may very well have to arrest you, Gwendolyn."

Gwendolyn stared at him then, her eyes wide with surprise. "You... you're letting me go?"

"Consider it a freebie." He answered, before walking past her. "I hope for your sake we don't meet again."

The End

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