Solo Patrol



"I'm putting you in charge of him." Katherine said smiling.

"How annoying." I mumbled simply leaving him there. I was still suspicouse of the two it seemed like they had great magical potential, but weren't using it or somehow supressed it.

Walking out of the infirmary I grabbed my things and proceeded to go to the armoury where I picked up my very own black blade that was about 6 inches across in diamete, and a mete and a half long. I had forged it myself using all three of my magics making indestructible, and so very sharp.

"Captian where are you going?" My Luitenant said from the corner of the room.

" A solo Patrol, a lot of reports say  we have some rouge mages gathering in town, and outside of town."

"I see. Why are you bringing a weapon, and why are you going alone?"

"Do you doubt my skills Lieutenant?!" I asked slightly annoyed.

"No sir!" The lieutenant said scared.

"Good.  As for bringing a weapon even new recruits know that guadians have to be both proficent in magic, and physical attacks." With that I walked into his shoulder sending him to the ground.

It was about night a perfect time to sneak up on any spies or rouge mages, but that could also be vice versa, but I doubted very little I would be taken by surprise. The market as usual was still very busy with my own subordinates, commoners,thieves, and of course my target. There was no doubt their would be another Rally and it would have to be solved diplomatically, or violently. Hopefully though it could be solved if I could remove a few key organizer essentially crippling the rally. Lets just hope none of my drunk subordinates decide to recognize me. I sat down in a tavern eyeing a man who looked painfully familiar but I couldn't place who it would be. He had dark hair with green eyes. I could also tell he had magic potential, but what I was interested in was knowing if he had anything to do with the upcoming rally. I disliked picking on the commoners who had natural magical potential it was both a waste of time, and they posed no real threat so I specifically ordered my unit of gaurdians to not treat them any differently than a commoner.

However with that said some of my guardians still enjoy bringing them to a back alley and kicking them till they are dead. But if I caught them doing this I would personally execute them. However this man was more than a rouge mage I could tell, so who was he?  He began to turn his head in my direction probably noticing I had been staring so I averted my gaze to the entrance of of the tavern where a strange group of three, a man, a girl, and a bobcat. My interest piqued when I felt their magical potential.  They tied their bobcat up outside to the horror of the commoners around them.

The man turned around, and his hood fell off revealing a the word witch on his cheek. He quickly tried to cover it up but a commoner shrieked.


The Tavern erupted into chaos as my drunken subordinates tried to deal with the situation or drink there next beer. Pathetic.  As they tried to run with there bobcat commoners from all over town tried to chase them. I rushed through the crowd and set up magical barriers to protect them. I quickly climbed up buildings setting up magical barriers that enclosed them in a town square, but at the same time they were protected from the angry commoners, and my drunken subordinates. I jumped down from a roof to speak to the two , who looked scared and confused. The bobcat hissed as I stepped forward the man summoned water from his bag on his back.

"We mean no harm, we just wish to speak to the magister!" He said.

The bobcat who sat directly between me and the girl got read to pounce.

"I mean no harm either, I do now wish to see any rouge mages get hurt, unless they are partaking in rallies and wish to take down the crown." I said calmly not flinching at the three.  Beyond the barriers I setup violence and magic broke out, followed by explosions. Alarm bells began to go off, were these three a distraction for something bigger?

The End

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