I headed off into my room, wanting to take a nice warm bath. There was nothing else to do for the day. I had passed my test (but lost to Falcian) and I had gone around asking if anyone needs help, but no one needed it. The 2 new recruits were already helping out a lot and I heard there was another healer on her way here. So today was just a lay back ea--

"Katherine!" someone shouted just before I was about to enter into the bathroom.

"Yes," I replied turning around to see a nurse standing behind me.

"There's been an injury. A guy named Jara just came in with a couple broken bones and uhh," I didn't need her to continue.

"All right, I'm coming. Let me wash up first." I washed my face and changed into my casual attire. A shirt plus a skirt and some shoes. All the necesities.

I walked down the flights of stairs and across the dining area. Made some turns and entered the infermery. "Now, where's that patient," I searched the room until I found up a kid that looked very banged up. "Ah, there's my boy." I made my way across all the beds both empty and full.

"Now let me see that arm of yours," I gently lifted up his arm and felt around until I found the break. With my healing abilities I my sense of touch was amplified to sense where the break was.

"Now close your eyes and count to 10," I told him.

"I'm fine. Why do I need to count to 10 anyways it's just stupid." He said.

"Do it or I won't fix your injuries and you'll be left here stupid, stubborn, broken, and unable to fight," I glared at him, but even then he still wouldn't give up.

"It's point--" he stopped.

"Do as she says," a voice came. "Or you'll be stuck here for a month then kicked off."

"Why captain, did you do this?" I said mockingly. "You went a little overboard."

"He's so cocky and messy. Serves him right," he said, but by then, his words had already drowned in Jara's screaming.

Though the pain was only for a split second, it still hurt.The healing abilities wern't really magical, it was more of a putting thigs back where they belong. It moved the bone and stuff back in place.

"See, now if you followed my orders, you wouldn't have been hurt as bad."

I patched the rest of him up and faced my Captain. "He is not to move from this spot for an entire day. He is to be fed and not to be put on anymore duties. After the day is over," I glanced at Jara, who was already sleeping, "you can do whatever you want with him."

Falcain smiled at the thought but then he realized something, "Why are you telling me this?" he demanded in a sern voice.

"I'm putting you in charge of him," I smiled and left Falcain there.

"Now back to my bath," I said as I made my way back up into my room. "Ah, Falcain might when all the physical battles, but I always seem to win the verbal ones."

The End

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