Jonathon went to the city market.  He carefully concealed his magical abilities and casually walked amongst the stalls.  He detected a mage nearby, but he couldn't find him.  He continued through the market.  The mage's presence grew stronger and stronger.  Suddenly, he felt his coin pouch being lifted from his pocket.

He turned around and sent a bolt of lightning into the chest of the thief.  The man fell to the ground and shook uncontrollably.  He grabbed the man, then hesitated for a second.  The magic presence grew stronger.  This was the mage!

With his hands on the man's head, he sent a huge bolt of electricity into him, knocking him unconscious.  He called for some nearby guards to assist him.  He took the man to the former capital of Athas.  The man was restrained, grounded on the metal floor.  The guards poured buckets of water on the man to wake him up.

Shaking his head, the man demanded, "What is the meaning of this?  I've done nothing!"

Flicking his hand to his side, Jon created a whip of lightning and swung it across the man's back.  Lightning arced from the chains and the floor, increasing the pain of the blow.

"I'm asking the questions here, you scum," said Jon.

The End

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