Vand: Another magic user?

After a while of running away from townspeople I just stared to walk. There was no one following me and I was pretty much in the clear. I realized that during this whole excursion I was thirsty, so using my powers I got some water to travel to my mouth so I could drink it. Then, I put it back in the jug.

I felt at peace, being in this beautiful forest trail, the sun just showing through the high, rugged and green canopy. All the various species of birds and insects were chirping. The sound was heaven; there was even the sound of running water. I might as well have just lied down here and went to sleep.

But then, I heard a sound that disturbed the peace, the sound of a branch cracking. Almost out of instinct I summoned the water to surround me in a protective shield and I looked around me, waiting to see some wild beast or an armor-clad man. Instead of that, I saw a woman who was wearing a dirty, torn, ragged outfit. Her hair was wild and untamed with pieces of twigs and sticks in it. She looked almost like a wood nymph. In addition, I saw a bobcat walk up next to her and sit down.

Convinced that they were not a danger I put the water back into the jug on my back, I was now exposed if they were a threat.

"Hello, my name is Vand Aquos; I am a water mage to the highest degree."

She held out her hand in friendship. "My name is Gwendolyn Winterhaven, I am a healer."

I shook her hand. "It is wonderful to meet you, another magic user, and a healer no less. I am very glad about our meeting. In fact, it can't be chance; The Creator must have made it as such."

She smiled tenderly. "He must have."

I bowed low as a sign of respect. "Would you give me the pleasure of joining you and your bobcat-"


"Right, you and Snickers on your journey?"

"I would be honored."

"Perfect. Hmm, before we continue onward, are you thirsty?"

"Yes, I am actually, parched."

"Allow me to help."

And with that said, I used my powers to have the water travel in front of her face and in front of Snicker's face. They both took some to drink and when they were done I put the water back into the jug.

"So, where are you going if you don't mind me asking?" She says, wiping the water from her mouth.

"North, to the capitol. I plan on getting into the palace to tell that Magister Lord that rules our kingdom to stop persecuting us. We're not the problem."

"Do you know what is then, if not us?"

"Why of course, haven't you realized? The humans, their running out of food. Every year there is less and less crop, less and less wheat, less and less corn, less and less barley. Every year the food rises in cost. Every year more people die of starvation. The land is rejecting the humans, to long have they raped her for her bounty. The Creator is using Gaia to exterminate the vermin that is the human being. As long as the people are scared about people who can use magic, then they aren't scared of how they will eat tomorrow."

"Is there a way to fix it?"

"Oh yes, there is a way. I have seen many magic users who can plant a seed and have it grow in seconds. I have also seen them beheaded before a crowd of five thousand. If the Magisters and the Magicians band together we can help the human race through this mess."

"But, don't the Magisters use magic to?"

"Yes, but there's a difference. Our magic comes from the heart, it is an extension of who we are. I did not learn how to control the oceans, I just did. You did not learn how to heal, you just did. But the Magisters have to train for years on end. Trying to get their bodily energy to affect their world."

"Then we should go."

"Yes, onward, to the North."

The End

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