Katherine: Training

I glanced suddenly to my left, then my right. I knew I had a sneaky opponent. I had no clue who though.

Damn these tests. They get so annoying. I observed my surroundings a little more and I took off.

There was only one good thing about training with Captain Falcian. He makes you run until you want to puke. If you stop then it's goodbye to the Court Guards you go! He was always one to speak his mind.

I ran as fast as I could, still listening to the trees and leaves trying to locate my target, but this person was good. Too good to just be a mere trainee. None the less, I suddenly stopped, trying to catch my persuer off guard.

"Flamel," I whispered as I shot a bolt of fire at some leaves rustling. Damn it! Missed!

"Kathering, I thought I told you to never let your guard down," someone called from behind.

I instinctively reached for my dagger with my left hand, but my opponent blocked it. Locking on to my wrist I tried struggling. I quickly tossed the dagger to my left hand and skillfully turned around aiming a slash at my enemy, but then--

"Captain Falcain?!" I said shocked, but I never left my guard down. I knew he would try and use my shock as an advantage, but I was one step ahead of him, though I thought.

He was holding a small dagger similar to mine as they clanged together as the attacked one another. I then heated up my dagger with my fire knokwing that if I hit him then it would be a critical one.

"Freston," I whispered as I cast another spell. I spun in one circle as fire shot from all angels. Burning everthing in it's path I could now clearly see my Captain. His magic cape blocking him from the fire... and me. I ran forward andaimed one final blow at his chest when he let his cape fall, but when my dagger made contact with him, he vanished.

"A clone?" I quickly spun around, but he was already there. "Oof!" I was slammed into the ground bymy Captain.

He chuckled and smiled, "You've gotten better since the last time we faught. You're getting better."

"Yeah, but I thought I had you!," I complained thinking I was so close.

"I thought you had me too, but there are just so many flaws in your fighting. It's hard not to take advantage of them." he smirked.

"Ok, you win that one," I said oushing him off. "I win everyone," I thought I heard him say to himself. I brushed off some dirt form my pants and I dug through my brown hair to find leaves that had got caught in it. By the time I got all tidy, we were already back home.

The End

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