Vand: Destroying my pursuers.

"Hey, get back here!"

I was running, running fast, trying to run away from this Royal Guardian. Killing was not my favourite defence, so I tried to outrun. But then, something interesting happens, a spike of earth appears infront of my path. I stop and turn to face my pursuer.

"Why are you chasing me?" I cry.

"Orders from the throne, all magic users are to be terminated." He stops and bends over to catch his breath, but then he quickly stands back up again.

"We're just scapegoats. I'M NOT THE PROBLEM!"

Then, I use the water inside the jug to take off the cork, and then I use my powers to bring the water out. And quickly, I use the water to strike at at the Royal Guardian. The water cuts through his body like a knife, but it wasn't lethal. The man simply fell to the ground, he would be ok in week or two.

The citizens around started crowding around the Royal Guardian and one pointed his finger at me and cried "Witch!" And then, the whole crowd started chanting, "Witch, witch, witch, witch!" I carefully but the water back into the jug and use the water to put the cork back in. And I begin to run away.

"Damn them all!"

The End

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