Kiandra Aymrae, The Runaway Princess

The first rays of morning slipped over the horizon, illuminating a new dawn and bringing about a new day. Birds began to ruffle in the tree-tops, rabbits and squirrels scuttling around the underbrush.

I dismounted my breathless mare for a moment, my thighs and back aching from the nonstop riding, racing over hillsides and through forrests paths to get myself as far away from home as possible. My face stung from the chilled night air constantly pressing in my face, my hair windblown into a mess. The faithful little horse I had snatched from the stables was tired and could run no longer.

Stroking her neck lovingly, I sensed the nearest water source and guided her through the underbrush to a small, gurgling brook. The fish scattered as she clopped into the water and drank heavily, her panting beginning to calm.

I took the moment to gaze around me, the dawn's light revealing my surroundings. How far I had wandered? How close was the nearest village? My stomach grumbled, complaining for a warm breakfast and my body begging for a soft bed.

But even amoung those thoughts, I smiled to myself. I had escaped my father's grasp, his cruel realm, the shackles of my title, an arranged marriage.....I was free!


Using my magical abilities, sensing my way through the vague knowledge of the animals and plants, it did not take long for me to navigate my way to a nearest village - it was far enough away from my father's home for the moment. I found a place to stable my horse and also discovered an inn to room myself inside later.  But my first priority was to get food.

 I went unnoticed as I entered the bustling market, dressed as everyone else in clothes stolen from one of my maidservants, ruffled in appearance from my midnight ride. From my sachel of abundant coins I bought a fluffy warm roll from a local baker's stand, and nibbled on it as I wandered the town curiously.

Freedom! This was how independence felt!

The End

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