Derrick Keane: Complicated or Complicit?

He slipped among the customers in the city's inn very easily; he would have been seen as slippery if he wasn't tall and strong.

He picked out ordinary humans, rogue mages, off-duty guards or Guardians, merchants, and set spies with a quick glance.

Set spies, of course, were no danger unless they were on the lookout for you. Derrick knew, however, that they had stopped following him about four years ago.

Four years. . . .damned mage academy and their fighting teachers. Uther had been a waste of time and energy. If Derrick had only learned a sense of control back then. . .

Suddenly, Derrick stopped reminiscing, and noticed a man trying to barter for a room. He also noticed when he stepped closer, that the man had plenty of money. With a flick of his finger, he caused a fat purse to fall out of the man's pocket.

The bartender noticed the purse when it hit the ground, and raised his eyebrows as the man stumbled over excuses.

Waste of breath.

Disgusted, Derrick left the inn through a back door, and went down to see if his friends from the Rogue Court had any fun information for him before the next rally.

Yes, there were rallies going on. Derrick tried not to smirk as he slipped into the nearby forest at the city's border. There had been bimonthly rallies for two years! From what he knew, the Magisters had only started to suspect one full-scale rally this past week!

Too bad the "orchestraters" his friends had hired were dead three days since. They had been dead three days since. The next rally would be two weeks from now, plenty of time for some of the regulars (and voluntary substitutes) to get kidnapped and questioned.

Derrick's hand went to the pendant around his neck as he entered and sat down.

It was a beautiful pendant, a symbol of engagement to a young Magistra (Magister Princess) of the Aymrae line.

Huh. Too bad for her they would never meet.

Anyways, Derrick kept the pendant as a memento of his life as a Magister's son. It was a reminder that his father was a pompous, overingulged hypocrite who had no idea what in Hades made a single person on the earth a person besides himself

The End

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