Soren Falcian, or Slayer



After prince Pelastor entered his fathers room I turned around. As captain of the Royal guardians I had more freedom.

"Carry on with your duties!" I shouted, all doing as I told them too with great respect.

Yes I did get the title because I come from a family of Nobles but I had to make my respect so I killed one of the mages who opposed the magister. At the time he was a feared mage, Since I killed someone who was feared I became someone to fear. Hence the name Slayer many rumours spread that I would brutally murder anyone who opposed the magister. If I was ordered to yes, but I am not the beast they make me out to be.

"Captain Falcian, are you going to evaluate our new batch of want to be recruits?" Cried one of the Royal guardians recruiting officers Crace, which was a ridiculous rank because very little who wanted to join our ranks were qualified.

"Why not." I sigh knowing I couldn't put it off another day.

At the training grounds I saw another 50 candidates, and most of them already I could tell  didn't have the magical potential to even rank a rouge mage, it was pathetic they were even candidates.

"Crace, most of them are going to fail, why am I here?"  I said to him quietly.

"Their are two students I believe might actually make it this time, they will go first." 

"Fine, then I afterwards I will leave. Understood?"

"Yes captain."

"Jara, and Marcel please come to the front, today captain Falcian will personally evaluate your skill level." Crace said proudly as a female and male student walked calmly to the front of the courtyard. Their magical potential was high, actually suspiciously high for Candidates, could they both be spies?

"Crace how long have they been here?"

"A year captain."

"I see." I muttered bringing my hand to my chin. If they were spies I will definitely draw them out.

They both bowed showing little fear at my presence which I didn't mind, but it furthered my suspicion.

"You two will both face me in combat, if you can stay in this circle which is approximately 10 meters in radius, and still conscious when time is up you will become the newest member of the royal gaurdians in four years. However if you don't you will be ejected, and you will never be allowed to apply again." I said quickly.

"Sounds fair." Said the male I presumed was named Jara.

"That's until you look at the time we have Jara." Marcel sneered pointing at the clock .

"One minute? That's impossible!"

"Not if you are at the level I'm looking for, and remember you just have to be in the circle drawn, and still be somewhat conscious," now lits begin." I said bored of the chatter, the clock began ticking and the two already casted a blast of fire and wind. With my left right hand a shimmering shield appeared deflecting the attack off into the sky, before they could respond with my right hand I casted two concentrated balls of wind at them blowing them back to the edge of the circle.  However those figures were illusions the two appeared to my now vulnerable behind, these two were not your normal mages. However they were not using the magical potential to the fullest.

"Meteora." I murmur as the two try a combined attack of earth and water. But my left hand attack utterly destroyed their hopes as a burning piece of rock destroyed their mud wave and separated the two mages apart. Now I had them on the defensive I was going to push them to use their full potential and this will decide whether they are spies or not.

"Explo." I murmur slamming both hands into the ground temporarily surrounding me in a wave of heat and destruction. Any wizard with the power to withstand that attack would do it instinctively. After the noise and the bright light had vanished the two mages were on the ground on the very verge of unconsciousness, and managed to stay in the ring. The minute had another five more seconds before it ended. Maybe they weren't spies, and I was being to overcautious because of the kings recent fears. The timer went off.

"Looks like we have two more guardians." I said confidently.

The End

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