The Magister Lords

The current magister lords are getting old, and a change in leadership is coming. It will be a turbulent time during this transition. Policies will change, new alliances will form, and violence could erupt as the people protest with no leader on the throne to order their executions.

Magister Prince Jonathon Pelastor walked towards his father's quarters.  The royal guardians stood at attention as he passed them.  When he reached the enormous doors, he knocked.

"Come in, son," he heard from the other side.  Pushing the doors aside, he entered.

"You sent for me, father," said Jonathon.

Coughing heavily for a moment, his father responded, "Yes.  I sense that there is growing unrest amongst the population.  There are likely mages attempting to rally them to rebel.  I need you to find these mages and remove them.  Take them to the old castle outside of town.  You should be able to convince them to reveal their conspirators."

"As you wish father.  But, wouldn't this be a better job for the royal guards?" replied Jon.

"Ha!  You should use your powers while you are able.  When you get to my age, you'll likely be lucky just to get out of your throne every day," replied his father.

"Very well, I will return when I have the information I need," said Jon, turning to leave.

The End

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