I stood to off to the side as my parents talked to lady at the desk. She sounded cranky, and constantly looked annoyed. She glanced at me as if I was going to steal something or like I was some sort of criminal.  

I looked at my parents one more. My parents are odd, strict people. When I told them I could not eat the almond-paste soup prepared by the new chef, they went into a heated lecture about how lucky I am and that I shoudd be ashamed because of this and that and blah blah blah.

They had forgotten I'm deathly alergic to almonds, and when I reminded them of this they found some way to blame me, asking why I had not told the chef. They completly ignored me when I told them they had hired the chef two hours ago and did not mention it to me until dinner. And, did it never occure to them to tell the chef of my allergy? No?

I guess my parents are too busy to remember their only child is alergic to almonds.

Anyway, completly ignoring my arguments, they came up with some brilliant way to teach me a lesson. I was to go to some lonely orphanege for a week, to learn what it's like to be without the "benifits" of their "lovingly" provided care. They explined this to the cranky lady (connvently leaving out the fact I am allergic to almonds) who agreed with every word they said. She told me that she was only allowing me to stay for the week because of her firm approval of unselfishness (she connvenently left out the fact my parents were offering her $5000 to take me in.) 

And so, I, Eliza de Lemon't, found my self here. 

As soon as my parents left, the lady showed me my room and handed me a me a rule manule, which she expected to be memorized by the time she reaturned. She then walked off. Idropped the manule on the bed.

Stealthly, I slipped out into the hall, and looked aroud. I turned a corner, and came upon a ladder. Ready to explore, and to aviode Miss Cranky,  I climped up, and stepped into the most bizzare place i've ever seen.

The End

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