I'm Going Slightly Mad

I smile at the kids left.

"Two down and four to go then?" The children look at me in fear. "Oh, stop worrying would you? You'll find each other! It's not very hard, and I'll pop in from time to time to make sure you're alright!" The children still stare at me in fear.

"A-are they alr-right?" asks on of the children, I remember his name to be George. Ah, yes, that's right.

"Yes George," I sigh and open both doors again with my mind. In one door, the boy is floating among stars and planets. That one was fun to create. In the other, the two girls are floating in the sea. "See, perfectly fine, wave to your friends!" I quickly shut the doors and turned back to the four that I had yet to deal with.

"Who are you anyways?" asked the same girl who'd answered my riddle, I'd really thought that one would've been harder!

"Well, I am sort of like the Crazy Coat Keeper, except I don't keep coats, although mine is pretty, don't you think?" I grabbed my coller and flaunted my colourful jacket. "But, I take care of children, I'm also slightly mad!" I started humming a little tune. I'd heard it when a group of men came through here, a band they were. They were singing it, "I'm going slightly mad!" I sang softly, remembering the song. I think they were called . . . Joker? King? Ah, Queen! That was it.

"Hello? Mr. Potts?"

"Please, call me Potts."

"Kay, Potts, what are you going to do with us?"

"Oh!" I remembered that I still had children to take care of. "That's a good question . . ."

The End

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