Ellena & Niomie: Together

I swallow nervously. My sister clings to me. I look back at the weird creature, Mr Potts.

"I am not leaving my sister" I say sternly. "Put us where ever you wish but I will not leave her"

Mr Potts smiles. "Okay" he gestures a door. "I wouldn't be as so cruel to take a child who can hardly talk let alone understand on her own. What be your name?"

"Ellena and this is Niomie" I say stuttering.

"Well, have a fun time"

He flicks his wrist and I go tumbling back Niomie clinging to me. "Ahh!!" She squeals.


I didn't like the strange person. He scarred me. What scarred me more more was when we went flying through a door.

I didn't like it. I felt the tears streaming down my cheek. "I want to go back.... I want to go back" I cry.

"Shh" Ellena says hugging me close. I slowly stop crying and peek up from being bundled up in Ellena's arms to look around.

"We..... We are in the sea" I choke out.

"That we are sis" Ellena says sadly. "I don't understand how we can breath"

"What?" I squeek. "We... we going to die"

"No, no. Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned that. We'll get out Niomie" she rocks me comfortingly.

"I want to go back.... Its scary here"

The End

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