No you'll be trapped in forever


" It wouldn't be sleep would it?" A girl behind me says. My sarcasm was ready to hit a new level ,  but I gripped my mouth shut.  This was all to wierd and no flaws that could make me say that it was fake.

" Yes the answere goes the lady in the back." The strange man says, " What be you name?"

" Felicity."

" Well isn't that just fantastic extravgant name." Mr Potts say fueling my belief this guy was a nutbar. 

" Hey if we do walk  into  one of your silly doors can we get back?" A younger girl asks.

" No ,you'll be trapped in there forever, and little monsters will eat you." I say sarcastically. Damm that was unnesecsary I need to keep this sarcasm inside. Her older sister give a good glare at me and trys to calm her

" That wasn't very nice Mr Sarcasmic." Potts says giving me a befitting nickname but it pissed me off even though it was kinda lame.

" Its Trevor , call me that agian and I promise you its lights out for good long while."

" Well someone needs a time out." Potts says and whips his hands out and I find a door beside me open and I fly through. The door closes firmly shut and i'm in a room floating, it is dotted  by stars and floating rocks. I look I turn myself around and see a solar system our solar system. I was awe struck and forgot about everything else.

The End

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