"Ah, but it is not impossible, young one," I said, replacing my hat on top of my head and pulling it down nice and tight. The darn thing rather liked to fall off now and then, even though I'd trained it to stay. "It is just extremely hard! I would not be surprised if by the time you find each other, you are all old! Ha!" I laughed and walked towards a small child, looked to be about five or so in human years.

"Now, what's your name then?"


"Well, if you won't tell me, then I shall call you Little Timmy!" I lifted my jacket sleeve to my mouth and heard the voice in my head.

"Well, the name?" said the female voice.

"He won't tell me, so I'm putting him down as little Timmy!" I gave the boy a nice smile and he looked scared. "Hold on a sec Gertrude,"

"It's George," whispered the boy. He looked petrified!

"Wonderful! George then Gertrude, I'm sending him off,"

"Ok Potts!"

"Now, George right?" he nodded, "Do you want this door or a different one?"

The boy stared at the doors, his eyes the size of tea saucers. Speaking of tea.

"Wait! Don't answer! Let's play a game first shall we?" I clicked my fingers and a small cup of tea appeared in my hand. I sat on air, feet crossed lazily and looked at the children. "Now, I have a riddle, first to answer correctly will get to go through! Ready? Actually, I don't care. Here it is!"

"I'm large an green and gross,

With moss between my toes,

A thousand arms and legs,

But I never need to beg!

I look like a lilly pad,

Can you guess what I am lad?"

"Do you like my poem?" I smiled at the children and threw the tea cup and saucer into the air. All the children looked up and watched it disappear. "Now here's the real riddle!

I weaken all men for hours each day.

I show you strange visions while you are away.

I take you by night, by day take you back.

None suffer to have me, but do from my lack.

Who am I?

Have fun with that one!" And with that, I sat on the ground and awaited an answer.


The End

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