The Doors

I sat in the grass, my hat set firmly on my head and the sun beating down on my back. I looked around, wondering if anything, anything at all would happen today.


I jumped up and turned towards a square hole that had appeared in the ground. "No way on a rabbits left foot!" I heard small, young voices from the hole and then footsteps on a ladder. A golden ball was floating just above the hole. I whistled and it came whizzing in my direction.

"Hurry!" I heard a boy's voice.

"We're coming!"

One, two, three, four, five and six. Six children in one day? Wait! An older girl was coming up the ladder! Seven children! Then, more footsteps followed, heavier ones. clip-CLAP, clip-CLAP. Adult ones.

"All accounted for?" the children looked around and made no protests, "Rightio then, please step away from the hole!" I went over to it and saw a large woman standing at the bottom. "Good-day ma'am!" With a swift hand motion the door and ladder disappeared and the hole sealed up. I looked over at the children who looked scared stiff.

"Hello there!" they didn't budge. Hmm, odd, my voice musn't be working. I put a hand to my throat and coughed. Much better! "HELLO THERE!" the children stumbled back, their hair blowing. "MY NAME IS POTTS! MR.POTTS! NICE TO MEET YOU!"

"We're not deaf you idiot!" said one of the boys. He looked to be about 14 and had fire on his head.

"Oh, right. Anyways, who are you little rascals? Wait! Don't tell me! First, I have to tell you something." I turned from the children, took three steps forward, looked back, winked, stretched my arms, wiggled my fingers, and whispered silently "Doors please!" About 53 beautiful white doors erupted from the sky, shooting to the ground in front of me.

"These, my lovelies, are doors,"

"No kidding," said the boy again.

"Hush! I have to make a speech!" I striahgtened my quirky bow tie on my shirt collar and fixed my colourful tuxedo-like jacket. "Anyways, you must pick a door and you will come upon The Magical Attic, in different places of course! But, no worries, I will help you find each other, that's the fun part!" I turned back to the doors, the tails of my jacket hitting my legs, and then swiftly turned back to the childrenand jumped towards them, landing vey close to all of them.

"Now, are you read for an adventure?"

The End

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