Ellena & Niomie

I look down at my little sister Niomie all curled up in my lap fast asleep. They would have adopted her. If only Niomie didn't make such a fuss about being taken away from me they would have adopted her.

Not that I want to lose her I just want her to get a nice family. She's four years old and I'm thirteen. Theres more chance for her.

More chance of being abdopted.... and getting pass the loss. I sigh and stroke her golden curls. Her eyes flutter open and stare up at me a lovely warm brown.

I smile putting my hand to her cheek she smiles back then cuddles up closer. I hear creaking in the hall. "Hmm, Niomie. I'm just going to check this out" I say.

I lift her of my lap and she stares up at me using her puppy dog expression. I smile. "I'll be right back"

I head for the door but not quick enough to miss her words. "Thats what they said"


I watch Ellena head for the door and jump up. I follow her out the door and down the hallway. She begins to follow this boy like several others.

George I think his name is. I rush after them. I keep my sisters midnight black curls in sight which are tied up high in a ponytail.

We have the same eyes in common and face structure.... I think. I mean I don't know all that much yet. I can only just speak.

Ellena's trying to teach me to read. Its very hard.

All of them stop at the stairs to the attic. "Ellena" I cry. She turns and rushes over picking my up so I sit on her hips.

"Are we going up?" Ellena asks. Oh please no, what about the boogie man.

The End

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