I locked my room firmly shut, I couldn't believe these people and they're lack of care, they only liked a few certain kids I bet they did this just because it was easy cash.  Thinking about it made me want to kick something. I however don't and jump up and easily drop myself into bed , and stare at the blank,Edwardian cieling.

" Two more years, and I can get my bottom outta here and live a real life with people who aren't there just for the money." I say. I've been saying something like this everday for nine years whole entire family went blip out of every bodies lives and never to be found. I never found out what happened the police just suspected manslaughter.   When they disapeared I was five and I just thought they went away and forgot me.

I'm not sure which one is more emotionally scarring thinking your family forgot you , or they just disappeared off the face of the world.  I didn't try to think about it too much. I roll over to look at the time but then hear rapid footseps outside my door.

"I wonder what thats about?" I say getting up and unlocking my door stupid curiosity probably just a game of hide and seek with the younger kids.

The End

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