Jonny thought he was dreaming so he pinch himself to see if he'd wake up. No, it was not a dream. He was still not able to see anything but strangely, he could feel he was sitting on a chair and his arms were resting on his desk. The pen was still in his hand.

Out of the blackness, shiny golden rays of light glimmer from the magic pen. The light streamed into words that read:


Welcome to the world of imagination. Here you can find an illusion of independence from all the constraints of society and known physical laws of the real universe. To start, relieve yourself of the fear of not knowing where to go. Creating things from the void can be quite challenging. Sometime you might find yourself lost in some rabbit hole. Other time you might find yourself in the midst of foreign lands with unfamiliar characters. Rest assure all is safe for it is all an illusion. To resume the real world, just say "Arbadacarba".

"Arbadacarba!", Jonny said without hesitation. The blackness unrolled from the corner of his eyes toward the center of his vision, revealing the white page and the pen infront of him. He looked around and his room was still in tact. He checked his phone and it was 2pm. He has been sitting at his desk for ten minutes.

Sarah did not respond to his last text yet. He thought for a few seconds whether to call her to share what had just happened. But then, who talk on the phone now aday. He wrote to her instead to ask about the pen, particularly what is it and where did she get it from.

The afternoon was still dull, the rain has reduced to drizzle. Jonny stood at his window to look out into the cityscape. The Seattle skyline bobbed up and down against the overcast, as if it tries to rip holes into the cloud to get some sunlight. He stared blankly for a while and then turning to look at the pen. The thought of picking it up to try once more crossed his mind but he wasn't sure he has the gut for it.

The End

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