A young writer receives a magic pen. Upon inspection, the pen has a tiny inscription: "Abracadabra!". The moment the pen touch the page, ink starts pouring out of the pen and onto his world, blacken everything in his sight.

It was a rainy day, not unusual for Seattle, but it was especially sad because it was Jonny's day off. He has been living Seattle since he graduated from college. He used to not care about the weather when he was living in Florida---he didn't have to check the weather forecast, it is always sunny---but now whenever it rains, he would feel a little droopy.

Bzzzz Bzzzz. His phone vibrates, a new text from Sarah.

"Have you check your mail today? I sent you a gift, it should have arrive already", the text read. 

Jonny looked surprised, he couldn't think of what could be the occasion. "You sent me a gift!? Let me go check", he replied.

He ran down the stairs to the mailbox room. In pajamas and barefooted, he cringed as he walked over the tile floor toward his box. He checked inside and there was a rectangular box wrapped in maroon foil, criss-crossed by golden lines.

Back upstair, Sarah sent him a new message:

"Yeah, after our talk last time, I thought I should cheer you up with something. Let me know how you like it :)".

Jonny carefully unwrapped the box, preserving as much of the wrapper as possible. Inside was a thick cardboard box. He openned the box to find a clear acrylic container holding a pen. A Fisher Shiny Black Lacquer Cap-O-Matic Space Pen.

"Space pen, that's interesting", he thought.

On a more careful look, he saw a small script that read "Abracadabra!".

He smiled, grabbed his phone and start texting:

"Oh you shouldn't ..."

He had second thought so he erased everything and retyped: 

"Thank you, I love it!", he sent the text.

He thought he should give it a write so he walked over his desk and pulled out a sheet of paper. He uncapped the pen then looked outside his window.

"Hmmm, what to say", he thought.

After a few moment, he put the pen down the paper and start scribbling. To his surprise, the ink started flowing uncontrollably and bled through the paper. It flooded the table, before pouring onto the floor and eventually the whole room.

Jonny found himself inside a pitch-black hollow.

The End

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