The Mage Meets a Wolf

48. Your heroine dreams she's being eaten by a wolf then wakes up to find....

Elton, Annette (2012-10-23). 101 Paranormal Romance Story Starters (101 Romance Story Starters) (Kindle Locations 221-223). . Kindle Edition.

The sheets were tangled around me and I thought I heard the echo of a scream, but it was in my own head.

I was trying to get the nightmare out of my head, but it wasn’t working.  All I could see was those jaws, the jaws of a wolf, coming down on me, heading toward my stomach, ready to rip my entrails out.  I got the sheets untangled, pulling them out of the bed.  I tossed them to the floor and lay there, the cool air over my half-naked body.

And I’ll be damned if I wasn’t sporting a woody.

That’s because in the dream, the wolf had been a man, and a damn handsome one at that, with white eyes and pinpricks for pupils.  A blind wolf.  A blind man, feeling his way all across my body.

“Stop it, Tom, stop it.”  I glanced at the clock – four a.m.  Well, I would have to get up in two hours, so I might as well get up now.

After morning libations, and jumping in the shower, I turned on the computer.  I knew one person who would still be up at this time of the morning, but I didn’t know if he’d be on or not. 

And there he was.  “Witchiepoo997”.  He was more into the Eastern Europe side of mysticism, things I didn’t know about at all, which made me think that he was from that neck of the woods.  I typed him a quick hello and he shot back, “What’re you doing up so early?”

“Nightmare,” and I described it: 

It started off that I was walking in the local woods, a city park that had been roped off for public use, even though it had been owned privately and there were some buildings still on the property.  I was heading toward the ruin of one of these buildings, allegedly a maple syrup house.  I was familiar with the directions, familiar with the woods, and knew that the ruins had already been picked over and used by some local kids for a hang-out.

It was just after dusk, when the world was starting to get dark.  I came upon the ruins before full dark, and I thought I could see someone sitting in the dark on one of the logs that had been brought there.  He was poking at a non-existent fire.

I turned to head back down the trail, but he said, “Hey.  Hey, come on over.”

I did, and got closer, finding out that he was a damn hot blond – yes, I’m partial to those.   I sat down across from him, and he still poked that fire.

“No, sit right next to me.  I don’t bite.”

So I got up and did.  Soon enough, it turned into a make out session, with his hands all over my chest and he was guiding me down onto the ground.  The next thing I saw was that his face had changed, elongated jaws, and his eyes were white and he was heading lower and lower, to my gut – and I felt the bite and tear and –

I couldn’t type anymore.

“Got any werewolves in your neck of the woods?” he asked.

I didn’t know if he was serious or not.  If there were werewolves, I figure I would have heard about them.  Especially hot blond werewolf men.  You know they had to be hot werewolf men.  Were there even werewolf women?

Regardless, he continued, “You need to figure out what the symbol of what that man is to you and go from there.”

I know I frowned at the computer, expecting a different answer like, “This could be a prophetic dream where you finally find the handsome blond guy you’ve always wanted but come to find out he’s a dick and is going to eat you alive.”  Symbols, bah.

I bade him farewell and got dressed for work.

The End

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