Field of grass and power

"My name's Gabrielle" my newest opponent beamed shaking my hand. I introduced myself confidentely but inside I was terrified. I had watched her battle the day after mine. She had won with three pokemon untouched.

The following day we approached the battlefield. The sweet aroma batted my nostrils and fought to get in my nose. We were battling on a grass field with fine aromas and tropical flora.

Gabrielle was standing ready. She already had a pokeball in her grasp. She wore a psychic outfit which explained why she was picking up all six pokeballs and studying them. She knew what was inside. Did she know what was in mine?

"Go Aerodactyl!" She cried. The prehistoric pokemon soared to the skies as my pokeball lazily rolled into the grass

"Roserade!" my pokemon cried charging onto the grass. My pokemon was at home in the grass but it seemed impossible that it could defeat an Aerodactyl

"Use Hyper Beam!" Gabrielle cried. Shivers went up my spine. This was going to end badly.

The End

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