The legendary defeat

"Moltres, use Sky Attack!" I was amazed when Moltres swooped down towards Loudred. I was controlling Moltres, the legendary fire bird.

"Loudred use Hyper Voice!" I almost forgot about Tony and his pokemon. Loudred bellowed loudly and slowed Moltres down but my bird was too strong. It pierced the purple pokemon and fired it backwards

"Moltres finish it with Heatwave!" Moltres blasted Loudred and set the Big Voice pokemon on fire. It spun around on its left foot and comically collapsed to the ground. The fire died away as Loudred did.

Moltres soared back up to the sky while Tony's last pokemon landed in the empty pool.

"Skuntank!" it growled. How unlikely. My first pokemon was a Stunky whilst Tony's is a Skuntank. It didn't matter I had a Moltres

"Use Solar Beam!" Moltres took in sunlight and absorbed its power

"Skuntank use Night Slash" The skunk pokemon launched upwards but Moltres' flapping wings blasted it back to ground. It crashed to the bottom of the pool just below Moltres

"MOLTRES!" It cried blasting out the energy. It wasn't very effective but very strong and perfectly accurate.

"Skuntank use Flamethrower!" The skunk blasted Moltres' own element towards it.

"Moltres use sky attack into the flamerthrower!" Moltres shredded through the flame perfectly and bolted down to Skuntank. The Fire Sky Attack struck the Skuntank and smashed it into the back wall of the once full pool of water. Skuntank slumped to the ground and failed to stir.

"Skuntank is unable, Moltres is the winner thus making Miles from Blackthorn City the victor"

I was overjoyed. I had won with the power of legends. I returned Moltres and hugged its pokeball tight.

"Round 2, here I come!"

The End

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