The luck of legends

Golduck was hit by the powerful shot but was in no way defeated. It had the advantage because Seadra wasn't mobile in the empty pool. Golduck could dodge while my pokemon could not

"Zen headbutt!" Golduck hit Seadra critically before retreating to safety.

"Seadra, use Brine" Seadra fired the attack but the nimble Golduck jumped upwards and fired off a Hydro Pump at Tony's command. It wasn't very effective but Seadra was still badly hurt, "Use Dragon Pulse!"

"Counter with Zen Headbutt!" Golduck charged forward, its psychic power blocking most of the dragon pulse. Golduck pushed on and with its strength landed a critical headbutt. Seadra was knocked out.

"Penultimate pokemon go!" I shouted wincing at the fact I was close to defeat. My fifth pokemon landed in the basin and scurried about "Durant, Durant!"

I smiled when I saw the moves it knew. This was going to be easy

"Durant use dig" the Iron ant dug underground and scurried. I waited for Tony to make his move.

"Golduck use Hydro Pump!" Golduck fired at the ground smashing it and revealing Durant tunnel "Keep it up until you find it!" Durant scurried around underground but Golduck was too smart. Durant was blasted by the super effective move and fired out of its tunnel.

"Use Guillotine!" I ordered when Durant was above Golduck. Its razor pincers snapped down on the Golduck's head. One hit K-O. The mighty Golduck was at last defeated. I was still cheering with delight when Tony's purple pokemon landed in the pool.

"Loudred!" it roared. I ordered Durant to go back underground but Tony was wise to my moves. When my Durant was just under Loudred's feet he ordered a Hyper Voice attack. The ground rumbled and shattered. Loudred fell crushing Durant. Durant was very weak from the hydro pump and was trapped under Loudred.

"Use Stomp!" Loudred smashed down on Durant crushing out all of its life. I was down to my last pokemon.

"Go my last pokemon!" golden sparks shot from the ball as the majestic bird soared above. Flames flickered from its feathers and Loudred froze with fear

"MOLTRES!" It cried

The End

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